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Workers' Comp Benefits for Injured Workers in Macon

After a serious work-related injury, there is little time or energy left to consider all the legal ramifications that must be addressed. Obviously, you must pursue workers' compensation benefits, as is your right under state law. There are many cases in which further compensation could be available from a third party that held some degree of responsibility for what happened. These parties could include a utilities company, a gas company, equipment manufacturing company, sub-contractor or other similar parties. When a piece of equipment malfunctions, the consequences can be deadly. Crane accidents, scaffolding falls, electrical accidents, gas leaks and explosions and toxic exposure could involve another party. In such cases, at The Law Office of Brian H. Sumrall, the attorney will file a claim or lawsuit against the third party to help you gain further compensation.

Brian H. Sumrall has a deep insight into the workers' compensation system in Georgia, and formerly served as defense counsel for insurance companies and employers, and knows exactly how these entities operate when facing a high value claim. This can be of great benefit to his clients, as he has a unique insight into the process, and the various strategies that may be employed to reduce or deny a claim. His focus is now strictly upon serving the injured worker, and his background on "the other side" has proven to be invaluable in getting claims paid, and injured workers and their families provided for.

Serious Injury Claims in Macon

When a very serious or catastrophic injury has taken place, the individual is facing a long road to recovery, often with little hope of continuing in their chosen profession, or in many cases, working at all. The family is suffering and struggling with the new circumstances, and may not be aware that the benefits offered may not be adequate. The first action to take is to contact the firm and discuss your case. The firm will take the entire problem off your plate and allow you to focus on the important issues you must deal with, while he pursues every form of compensation that is available, based upon the circumstances in the case. Call today for more information.

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