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There are a number of law firms that represent injured workers. When making a decision about who to call, there are various factors you must consider. Attorney Brian H. Sumrall has a background defending insurance companies and employers in workers' compensation claims, and the experience and insight he gained over his 6 years serving in this capacity has proven to be of great benefit to his clients. He knows the processes involved intimately, how to present and document a case so there is a better chance of success, and what to do if a valid claim is denied. His focus is on protecting the rights of injured workers throughout Columbus and the rest of the state.

Catastrophic Injury and Fatal Injury Accidents: Claims and Lawsuits

A worker that has sustained a catastrophic injury while engaged in the duties of his or her profession, whether on a construction site, while driving, or in any other situation, will be facing a lifetime of care and treatment, as well as disabilities and the challenges they bring. Cases of traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury or severe disfiguring burns are devastating to the injured person, as well as having a great impact on the family. When the injuries prove fatal, the family is left with the tragic loss, life without a loved one, and the financial ramifications of losing a breadwinner. These cases should be carefully evaluated, as it may be possible to pursue compensation beyond what is offered through workers' compensation if there was any third party liability. The Columbus workers' comp lawyer at the firm is a zealous advocate for the rights of injured workers. He can be counted upon to seek out every possible form of compensation, both through the workers' compensation system as well as from any third parties that could be held accountable.

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