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Burns are some of the most serious injuries you can sustain. First, there is the initial harm, but then the burn spreads under its own heat. Along with being dangerous, a burn can be incredibly painful. The pain can last for days, going from searing to itching to throbbing. Treatment itself can also be quite painful. Often, it requires removing dead skin, sometimes without helpful painkillers. Once you’ve been treated, you can be left permanently disfigured. Even the best medicine may be unable to completely repair the skin.

If someone’s negligence caused a burn injury, call The Law Office of Brian H. Sumrall today. You have the right to receive damages for your misery. Some burns can be catastrophic, completely altering your life. You need a trusted attorney to help make sure you are fairly compensated, assisting you financially as you rebuild.

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Burns and Their Degrees

Burns are diagnosed in terms of severity, or “degrees.” First-degree burns are the least serious. They cause pain, and healing them requires treatment. Fortunately, they can heal easily, sometimes leaving no scars.

Second-degree burns reach into the second layer of skin, but they are not all the same. A second-degree burn can be just below the top layer of skin, treated as a first-degree burn. It can also reach down to just above the third layer, requiring the same treatment as a third-degree burn.

Third-degree burns typically destroy the top two layers of skin, touching the third. They are serious injuries, and they require immediate attention.

A fourth-degree burn can be fatal. It completely melts away layers of skin, burning bone, tissue, muscle, etc.

Regardless of your burn’s severity, you should not suffer for someone else’s behavior. Our firm has the skills to represent you and fight for your restitution.

Types of Burn Injuries

Thermal Burns

You suffer these burns from direct contact with heat. This includes touching naked flames or hot surfaces.

Negligent behavior can lead to burns. Someone may start a fire, causing injury to unsuspecting, innocent bystanders. A business could have an exposed, hot surface such as a hotplate. If that business doesn’t provide proper warning to the public, it can be held accountable for any resulting injuries. Even unreasonably hot food from a restaurant can cause burn injuries, and that restaurant must answer for its behavior.

Radiation Burns

Ultraviolet rays and x-rays are not inherently safe. Overexposure can leave burns. Even more frightening, these burns can be internal, spreading and causing serious damage.

Negligent behavior happens within the healthcare field, known as medical malpractice. If an improper procedure left you with radiation burns, you have the right to seek justice in court. Our team is here to help.

Chemical Burns

Contact with certain chemicals leaves burns along the skin. These injuries can be difficult to treat. Some chemicals burn quickly and require immediate attention. Others take longer to cause injury, but they still need fast treatment. Some chemicals are radioactive. These can leave minor injuries on the surface of your skin, but they spread into the internal organs, causing serious problems.

There are many ways you could be burned by errant chemicals. A trucking accident could spill dangerous cargo, causing burns to bystanders. Perhaps a household cleaner has faulty packaging or isn’t properly labeled. This could lead to a defective product claim against the manufacturer.

Electrical Burns

Touching raw electricity will leave a burn. This can happen with either current, AC or DC. Sometimes, a business with faulty, exposed wiring poses a danger to its customers. If this happens to you, you may have grounds for a premises liability claim against that business.

Faulty products with poor wiring can cause shocks and burns, and you may have the right to sue the maker. Car accidents can cause electrical burns, too. When the car bends out of shape, internal wiring could be exposed, harming the driver.

Receiving Damages for Your Burns

In a personal injury case, you can be repaid for the money you spent on treatment. You may also recover your lost wages or even wages you could have earned, called potential wages. The court may also reward you with pain and suffering damages, making life more comfortable as you recover. In Georgia, you can also recover punitive damages. These are extra payments designed to punish a willfully malicious defendant.

If another’s negligence leaves you with burn injuries, trust The Law Office of Brian H. Sumrall to stand by your side. For a free consultation, call (404) 857-3835 or contact us online.


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