What If Your Workers’ Compensation Claim is Denied?

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Workers’ compensation is an area of the law with many aspects. Questions such as what the nature of the injury is, how it was sustained, and the intent of both the employee and the employer all factor into a decision of whether to award benefits and damages. Employers may be concerned that an employee is trying to “work the system” and get benefits they are not entitled to. Sometimes, even when the claim is completely justified, employers are reluctant to pay out because they fear their insurance premiums will go up.

You Don’t Have to Take “No” for An Answer

If you’ve been honest with your employer in stating the facts of your injury which occurred during your employment your employer is legally mandated to cover the cost of your treatment and care. Some conditions that entitle you to benefits include:

  • Willful or serious misconduct on behalf of your employer
  • Repetitive movement relating to your job
  • Unsafe work conditions
  • Unintentional actions on your part

Filing an Appeal

Even if you handled the initial claim on your own, a denial is a good time to bring a professional attorney experienced in filing workman’s compensation appeals on board to help you. Remember, it costs you nothing to have a consultation, evaluate your case, and receive expert legal advice. If your claim has been denied, you are entitled to file an appeal and have the denial reviewed in court by an administrative law judge (ALJ). The hearing will be scheduled for a date two or three months from the filing date. At that time, the ALJ could issue an award or confirm the denial of our claim. Even after confirmation of denial, there are still additional appeals to higher courts that can be made.

Your chances of success are greatly increased with professional legal representation. Attorney Sumrall has 10 years of experience helping workers injured on the job get the benefits they deserve. Don’t suffer financial calamities and unnecessary suffering from a mishandled claim. Let us help you get your benefits, even if your claim has been denied.


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