Should I file a workers' compensation claim?

Injured workers are often concerned that filing a workers' compensation claim will have an adverse impact on their employment. In short, injured workers are concerned that they will be fired after filing a workers' comp claim. In Georgia, you have one year from the date of accident to file a WC-14 Notice of Claim or Request for Hearing if your claim is not accepted. You also have 30 days to report an injury, but the best practice is to report any and all workers' comp injuries immediately to your supervisor. If you fail to file or report a claim in a timely fashion, your entitlement to work comp benefits may be barred forever. If you have any questions about whether you should file a Georgia work comp claim, you should contact an experienced workers' compensation attorney. Brian H. Sumrall has been practicing exclusively in the area of workers' compensation for over 13 years, and can assist you with your claim. You can reach Mr. Sumrall at (404) 857-3835. You can also visit our website at

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