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  • Unemployment & Workers' Compensation Benefits
    Unemployment & Workers' Compensation Benefits

    If you have a Georgia workers' compensation claim and you are terminated, you can also file a claim for unemployment benefits. There are many reasons you may want to do so. For instance, the workers' ...

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  • Pre-existing conditions and work comp injury.
    Pre-existing conditions and work comp injury.

    In Georgia , if you aggravate a pre-existing condition on the job, you should be covered under workers' comp . For example, if you had back surgery 10 years ago and re-injure your back in a car ...

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  • Understanding Work-related Shoulder Injuries
    Understanding Work-related Shoulder Injuries

    Shoulder injuries often occur on the job from a fall or from lifting. Severe shoulder injuries can require surgery. Of course, workers' compensation carriers frequently deny or delay shoulder ...

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  • Coronavirus and workers' compensation claim.
    Coronavirus and workers' compensation claim.

    There will undoubtably be many individuals over the coming months who contract the coronavirus while at work. There will also likely be specific workers' compensation laws and regulations enacted in ...

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  • Maximum workers' comp rate in Georgia.
    Maximum workers' comp rate in Georgia.

    The amount of workers' compensation benefits you can receive in Georgia depends on your accident date. For accidents occurring after July 1, 2019, the maximum workers' compensation weekly benefit you ...

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  • WC-104 Workers' Compensation Form.
    WC-104 Workers' Compensation Form.

    In Georgia, a workers' compensation carrier is allowed to reduce the amount an injured worker receives in income benefits one year after that person is released to light duty work by the authorized ...

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