Delays in workers' compensation medical treatment or testing.

Delay in authorization of medical treatment or testing is one of the biggest problems facing Georgia injured workers. Workers' comp adjusters generally have a large number of files on their desks, and it frequently takes them a long time to authorize medical treatment. They also have an incentive to delay authorization of medical treatment or testing because it frustrates the patient and makes their life difficult. Doctors and their assistants also contribute to the problem when they fail to respond to requests for medical records or additional information in a timely fashion. At a certain point, a delay in workers' comp authorization of medical treatment or testing is the same as a denial. If you the adjuster in your workers' compensation claim is unreasonably delaying medical treatment or testing, an experienced workers' compensation attorney can help. Contact Brian H. Sumrall if you are experiencing problems with timely authorization of medical treatment. You can reach Mr. Sumrall directly at (404) 857-3835 or visit his website at

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