Nurse Case Managers and Georgia Workers' Compensation Claim.

Workers' compensation insurance companies frequently hire nurse case managers to advocate for them in workers' compensation claims.  These nurse case managers usually tell the injured worker they are attempting to assist with their claim.  Occasionally, these nurse case managers are a friend to the claimant, and actually help expedite medical treatment.   Unfortunately, more often than not these nurse case managers are hired advocates who work for the insurance companies and generally do not serve the interest of the injured worker.  These nurse case managers frequently have contact with doctors without the injured worker present.  Generally speaking, in Georgia, a workers' compensation claimant is not required to allow a nurse case manager to work on his or her file, and it is often in the best interest of the injured worker to not have the nurse case manager involved in the claim.  If you would like to discuss your Atlanta workers' compensation claim with an attorney, contact Atlanta workers' comp attorney Brian H. Sumrall at (404)924-4595, or visit
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