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Private investigators and workers' compensation claims.

One of the most common questions asked of workers' compensation attorneys is "will the insuance company hire a private investigator to follow me if I file a wokers' compensation claim?" In my experience, the use of private investigators in workers' comp claims is not extremely common. Insurance carriers will sometimes hire private investigators to determine if an injured individual is working or performing tasks outside of their specified restrictions but this is not common practice. In my experience, the use of private investigators in such circumstances rarely yields results. Sadly, the myth of the injured worker collecting a workers' compensation check while performing another job is one that sticks in the minds of many individuals when they hear about a workers' compensation claim. Most workers' compensation claimants would be happy to return to work if they were physicially capable of working. However, most inviduals who receive a weekly workers' compensation check have severe injuries which prevent them from returning to their jobs. If you have questions about a work related injury or a private investigator being hired to perform surveillance on you pertaining to your workers' comp claim, contact Atlanta trial attorney Brian H. Sumrall at (404) 857-3835 or visit