Workers' comp scheduled an Independent Medical Evaluation (IME).

In Georgia, workers' compensation carriers will sometimes schedule an Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) with a doctor of their choice. They may do this for any number of reasons. Workers' comp IME's are done to see if surgery is neccessary, to dispute a PPD rating, to determine your work status, or for any other number of reasons. If your workers' comp carrier has notified you of an IME, you should attend the appointment. Despite the fact that the workers' compensation carrier can schedule you to be seen for a number of different IME doctors, you only get one IME with a doctor of your choice. If you would like to discuss an IME scheduled by the work comp carrier, or having a doctor of your choice perform an IME, contact workplace injury lawyer Brian H. Sumrall at (404) 857-3835. Feel free to contact Mr. Sumrall with any questions about your claim.

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