Late workers' compensation check.

Life can be very stressful for injured workers relying on weekly workers' compensation checks. First, the workers' compensation carrier is only required to pay two thirds of the injured worker's average weekly wage not to exceed $500 per week. When the insurance company does not issue weekly checks in a timely fashion, this process becomes even more frustrating. The workers' compensation carrier is required to issue checks every week, but they do not always do so for a variety of reasons. Insurance companies often place workers' compensation claimants on a repetitive pay cycle, and then schedule the claimant to fall off the cycle to force the adjuster to review the file. Further, the claims adjusters are often reassigned or terminated. This turnover in personnel frequently causes problems with workers' compensation checks being mailed in a timely fashion. If the insurance company does not issue a weekly workers' compensation check in a timely fashion, they are required to pay a 15% penalty. If you have a question about a late workers' compensation check, contact Atlanta workers' comp attorney Brian H. Sumrall at (404) 857-3835, or visit

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