What is a WC-206 Notice to Become a Party at Interest to an Atlanta, GA work injury case?

A WC-206 Notice of Intent to Become a Party at Interest is a form used by a third party to put the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation on notice that they have some interest or stake in your claim. For instance, your group health insurer may file a WC-206 if they have paid medical bills on your behalf which they believe relate to your workers’ compensation claim. The form puts you and the workers’ compensation carrier on notice that the group carrier expects to be reimbursed for payment of those bills. The filing of this form can delay settlement of your workers’ comp claim. If you have received a WC-206, and you would like to discuss the form with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney, contact workplace injury lawyer Brian Sumrall at (404) 857-3835 , or visit