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If you were injured on the job, you may be able to seek workers' compensation in order to pay for medical expenses and your peace of mind. Employers and insurance agencies may be reluctant to pay adequate coverage for your injuries. However, with assistance from a Georgia workers' compensation attorney we can fight for the compensation you deserve.

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If you are an injured worker, you have every right, under Georgia state law, to fight for compensation from your employer! We can provide the skilled and experienced assistance you need to fight for the workers' compensation benefits you deserve. Utilize our years of experience and proven track record of success for your case.

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Don't ever try to face your employer or insurance company alone. Only a trained and qualified workers' compensation lawyer can give you the highest possible chance of success. The benefits of workers' compensation are worth fighting for, as are your rights. If you have been involved in a workplace accident, don't hesitate to contact The Law Office of Brian H. Sumrall to discuss your legal options. Brian Sumrall has been named a "Rising Star" by Super Lawyers® for five years running, securing his reputation as a skilled and reputable workers' compensation attorney. We will personally handle each legal aspect of your case. We will not hand your case off to a paralegal or a secretary. By retaining our firm, you can rest assured knowing that your case is in competent and capable hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are My Rights As An Employee?

    Anyone who is injured because of circumstances outside of their control should not be required to pay for the damages. When it comes to workers' compensation, employers can be hesitant to offer full compensation for an employee's work-related injury. Should this happen, an employee should educate themselves on their rights and fight for what is rightfully theirs.

    According to Georgia state law, every employer must post workers' rights to compensation, as well as a list of at least six doctors covered under the employer's insurance. As an injured employee, you have every right to inform your employer of your work-related injury right away and request compensation. Your employer is required to hand your claim to their insurance for review and disbursement of compensation; or they may choose to deny your claim. If this happens, you have the right to file a workers' compensation appeal and request a hearing to dispute the denial.

    Your employer may attempt to trick or convince you to settle for a smaller compensation. As such, it is imperative that you never sign any documents or agreements without first consulting with an Atlanta workers' compensation lawyer. If you end up paying for your injury, you may face financial hardship from the expense. Learn what steps you could take to get what you deserve by calling The Law Office of Brian H. Sumrall today.

  • Do I Qualify For Workers' Compensation?

    Essentially, if your illness or injury was a result of work-related circumstances outside of your intent or control, you have the right to request compensation. However, your employer may still be reluctant to offer you maximum compensation. As such, you need to make sure you are well-equipped to fight for your rights as an injured worker by hiring an Atlanta workers' compensation lawyer right away. There are a few basic circumstances that could help you determine whether or not you qualify for workers' compensation.

    Your accident, illness, or injury must not have been caused under any of the following circumstances:

    • By drug or alcohol usage
    • By willful misconduct or self-infliction
    • By roughhousing or fighting on the job
    • Before or after employment with the employer you are filing the workers' compensation claim against

    However, you may be able to rightfully request compensation if your accident, illness, or injury was caused by unsafe work conditions, unintentional actions on your part, repetitive movement relating to your job or willful/serious misconduct on behalf of your employer.

  • How Much Is My Workers' Compensation Claim Worth?

    One of the first questions employees have after an accident regards how much their case is worth. Determining the exact value of a workers' compensation settlement is practically impossible because of all the factors that must be weighed. First of all, the circumstances of your injury must fall within workers' compensation qualification guidelines. Then you must determine the severity and extent of your injury by seeing a doctor, preferably one provided by your employer. You must keep a detailed track of all injury-related expenses so that you can provide them as proof should you need to fight for compensation.

    At first, the process of determining your settlement value may seem daunting. However, with the help and guidance of a qualified Atlanta workers' compensation lawyer, it is possible to get a general estimate. A workers' compensation attorney can guide you step by step through the process of filing for compensation and tracking all relevant expenses.

  • How Long Do I Have To File A Workers' Compensation Claim?

    The Georgia Workers' Compensation Act provides that you have one year from the date of your accident to file a Notice of Claim. However, if you employer has provided medical treatment as a result of your job injury or if you are able to continue working following your injury, this deadline is extended. Of course, if you are uncertain about whether the statute of limitations has run in your case, it is best to consult an attorney.
  • What If My Claim Is Denied?

    If your employer or the insurance carrier denies any part of your claim, you have a right to a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge. An effective and experienced attorney will file the proper documentation and maximize your chances of prevailing if your case proceeds to trial. Of course, workers' compensation cases frequently settle prior to trial, or the parties are able to resolve the issues without proceeding to a trial. In those cases, your attorney will protect your rights and ensure that your employer lives up to their legal obligations.
  • What Is Employer Retaliation?

    While workers' compensation is designed as a compromise between employers and injured employees, employers sometimes take steps towards retaliating against employees who file workers' compensation claims or even simply discuss filing a claim. If you experience such retaliation, you need to speak with a seasoned Atlanta workers' compensation attorney.

    While most people think of retaliation in the form of termination, retaliation can present itself in many other forms. Employers can legitimately terminate or discipline any employee no matter their workers' compensation status. This negative action must not be a pretext for workers' compensation retaliation and the action cannot violate other employment laws.

    Retaliation in the form of discrimination or harassment can manifest as:

    • Failure to promote
    • Demotion
    • Negative reassignment, reclassification or transfer
    • Isolation or intimidation in the workplace
    • Unwarranted disciplinary action
    • Undeservedly negative employment references
    • Refusal to rehire
    • Threats of adverse action
  • What Types Of Claims Does The Law Offices of Brian H. Sumrall Handle?

    The Law Office of Brian H. Sumrall focuses its practice on the handling of workers' compensation claims. Mr. Sumrall has extensive experience in this field and spent over six years representing employers and insurance companies defending workers' compensation claims. This vast experience has provided Mr. Sumrall with the knowledge and expertise to effectively handle all aspects of your workers' compensation claim.

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