Payment for surgery in workers' compensation settlement.

One of the key factors in assessing the value of a workers' compensation claim in the cost of the future medical treatment. An injured worker should understand the potential cost of future medical treatment when considering any settlement offer made by the work comp carrier. If future surgery is recommended by the workers' compensation doctor, settlement might not be the best option. In cases where surgery is pending, it is often best for the injured worker to leave the claim open until he or she has undergone the procedure and recovered from the procedure. In some cases, an injured worker is not sure they want to have surgery. In those cases, settlement is an option and the workers' compensation carrier may consider the cost of the surgery when assessing their exposure and making a settlement offer. In Georgia, it is important to remember that settlement of workers' compensation claims is completely voluntary by both parties. Therefore, if the insurance carrier does not offer the injured worker enough money to settle, the injured worker can simply leave the claim open and continue to receive medical treatment in the workers' comp system. If you have questions about surgery and your workers' comp settlement, or any quesitons about a workers' compensation claim, call Atlanta attorney Brian H. Sumrall at (404) 857-3835. You can also visit Mr. Sumrall's work injury website at

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