Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) and Georgia workers' compensation injuries.

Under Georgia workers' compensation law, an insurance carrier can require an injured worker to submit to an Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) as long as the circumstances surrounding the IME are reasonable.  An insurance company will generally select an "employer friendly" doctor to perform the IME, and could request the IME for any number of reasons.  For instance, an insurance company could select an IME doctor to render an opinion regarding whether a particular method of treatment is reasonable and necessary or whether an injury is related to a work accident.  Further, Georgia workers' compensation law allows an injured worker a one time IME with a doctor of his choice as long as the injured worker requests the IME within 120 of his last receipt of income benefits.  For an injured worker, an IME is essentially a second opinion to determine if additional treatment options are available.  If you have a work related injury and you have questions about a workers' comp IME, contact Atlanta work injury lawyer Brian H. Sumrall at (404)924-4595, or visit